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Cooperation for Change

The Work of Friends of Guinea

Established in 2015 at the instigation of Diallo Boubacar, the association brings together a number of Italian and Guinean friends who are committed to the people of an area in the Republic of Guinea, specifically the Fouta Djalon area.

The best way not to feel hopeless is to get up and do something

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Diallo Boubacar

Helping is our goal

What makes us different


Fostering and promoting the exchange of experiences among peoples through public initiatives;


Ensure access to education through improved school infrastructure and ongoing teacher training;


To raise public awareness of Guinea's social and health emergency situation especially of some isolated villages such as Misside Kambaya, Hafia, Yalayabhé, Horé séré, Taybata, Goundoupi, Timbobhé and Hakkoudhé Thyandhi;


Contribute to the achievement of livelihood independence of some villages by supporting the implementation of drinking water extraction facilities;


Promote the improvement of the quality of life of populations especially the most vulnerable.


Maintain strong ties with or village representatives and administrative authorities.

The organs of ADEGUI -ODV are:

General Assembly

Steering Committee

Executive office

President: Diallo Boubacar

Vice President: Elena Romano

Secretary and Treasurer: Mariagrazia Romano

Four other members and volunteers who took turns in the various initiatives

Association headquarters: Viale Europa, 13 Bagnolo Mella 25021 Brescia Italy

Here are those who put heart and passion into shaping a better future for Africa

Our volunteers