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From the Search for the Aquifer to the Inauguration

A Step Toward Water Self-Sufficiency

In November 2022, thanks to our supporters, we were finally able to start digging, finding a water-rich aquifer sufficient for Kambaya village and nearby concessions. We thus embarked on the journey in December 2022for the installation of the pump and the establishment of a management committee for routine maintenance activities and, of course, the inauguration of the plant.


Our future plans

Certainly having found the water was a crucial and indispensable step in the realization of the overall project, which has the ambition of bringing the village to its former glory with a bit of modernity but trying to keep traditions and lifestyle intact as much as possible.

 Therefore, it is thought to:

Sustainable Electrification

In pursuit of our mission to improve living conditions in Kambaya, we are working to electrify the village through the use of solar energy.

Support for Women Farmers

We help village women regain and maintain control of family field crops throughout the year, thus ensuring the livelihood of their families.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

We support in starting small businesses, from making products such as soap and textiles to processing local grains and growing ginger, promoting economic growth and self-reliance.

Youth in Favor of the Whole Community

We support the village youth in cultivating a common field, a symbol of sharing and solidarity, which will meet the needs of the entire community.

Training: Know-How for a Rooted Future

We promote the training of young people in various activities, from the art of baking to tailoring and carpentry. This goal aims to reduce emigration.